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Friday, August 10, 2007

How we hate the Yankees

Well, here it goes, my first ever blogging experience. This story is about our oldest daughter Sophie.
We have 3 children, Sophie who is 8 years old, Kenzie, our son, who is 6 1/2 years old, and Sadie, our youngest, who is 5 years old.
When Sophie was born, we lived in New York. Technically we lived in Center Moriches on Long Island. My husband was in the Navy and when he left the Navy he was hired by the FAA to work at the Air Route Traffic Control Center on Long Island. We were married 2 years after he moved there. Sophie was born less than 2 years later.
While we lived in New York, we of course had to deal with all of the Yankees fans. That doesn't sound like it would be toio big of a deal, but my husband and I are die hard Cleveland Indians fans. Anyone who is an Indians fan, for the most part, hates the Yankees. It did not help that the first year that we were married was the year that the Yankees knocked the Indians out in the playoffs.
Needless to say, my husband HATES the Yankees.
When Sophie was 4 months old, I moved back to Ohio and my husband stayed in New York. Sophie and I lived in Ohio without my husband for a whole year. When he was finally able to move back, he was a very happy camper.
Sophie had a love for baseball at a very young age. Since my husband and I are huge fans, it was easy to turn her into a follower as well.
When Sophie was first learning to talk, my husband would be watching the Tribe and he would say, "Sophie, say "GO TRIBE"!" and she would reply, "OOOOOH IBE!". Of course we thought it was adorable even though no one else could understand what she was saying. One day I thought it would be fun to mess with my husband so while he was at work, I taught Sophie to say, "GO YANKEES!". Her adaptation was "OOOOH ANKIES!".
The next night when we were watching TV, the Indians were hosting the Yankees and things weren't going so well for our beloved Tribe. Kevin told Sophie that we needed to cheer to turn things around and started with the "GO TRIBE!" chant. Sophie promptly replied, "OOO ANKIES!"
"Where in the h-e-double hockey sticks did she learn that?", my husband asked?
"I have no idea," I said with a huge smile on my face.
He knew that I taught it to her and from then on, whenever we wanted to get his goat, we would say, "OOO ANKIES."
Eventually Sophie learned to say her g's but it was always"ANKIES". When she was about 3 years old, she was watching a game with my husband and she shouted the forbidden phrase as loud as she could. My husband said, "Sophie, come over here for a minute." She went and sat on his lap and he told her, "Sophie, if you can tell me WHY you like the Yankees, you can root for them and I won't say a word." Sophie said, "Because Daddy, they have chips!"
Now, I have to interject here to explain something to you. My Mom, sister and myself are OBSESSED with snacks, chips in particular. We know every type of chip, pretzel, Dorito etc, ever made. If I were stranded on an island and could have one food, it would be any form of snack chip. My husband hates the fact that we exist on junk food and is always trying to get me to cut back on the snacking, so when Sophie said she liked the "Ankies" because they have chips, my husband blew a gasket. "What do you mean you like the Yankees because they have chips? What kind of chips do you think they have" Sophie, in her adorable little 3 year old voice said calmly, "Because they have CHAMPION CHIPS!"
Needless to say, that ended the conversation and my husband has never asked Sophie again why she likes the Yankees!!!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

How important is Customer Service?

Customer Service....How importnat is it? Well, I am posing this question to the blog world out there because I feel it is VERY important!!! Let me tell you why - without great customer service, most places would just be "typical". In this day and age a "typical" place is EVERYWHERE! However, when you find a place with good customer service, you WILL come back - it is an almost guarantee!

I was a first hand recipient at two local Avon (Cleveland) places lately that had fabulous customer service!

Now, I have also had UNBELIEVABLE customer service at two business' that I use via the web. They are BlingWebArt.com (Aimee) that did our web site, and Merchant Moms (John) that maintains the back endof our website. Aimee & John are SAINTS and have helped us more than any human being could know! There is a place in web/teckkie Heaven for these two - and I will "gush" about them later....I have to try and keep on my current thought process...

SOOOO, I went to this local scrapbooking place in Avon - actually it is Elyria. It is called Scraptacular. I am trying to be a good Mom because my little gal, Callie, turns one on Saturday and I thought I should get my butt in gear and start "making memories" as they say... Well, I am like a fish out of water in there because I am pretty much clueless to this scrapbooking thing. So, I came in looking like a deer in headlights - knowing that the store closed in like 15 minutes and these people were going to HATE!!!! me. Well, boy did I get lucky when I met Linda. Linda is the new owner of Scraptacular and she could be the cutest thing in the world. She knew I was lost BIG TIME, but she was very diplomatic about it...She reminded me of one of my old boyfriends Mom. A "Mom" type but funny, hip, and made you feel as if you had been friends for years. She took me through everything and helped me get these great things that were called "pages in a pinch" (I think????) It was like the scrapbooking fairy came and said "I will cut all the items for you, give you a picture to follow, and pray that you are not that clueless to screw this one up!" Everything was pre-cut - ribbons and all and I just had to put it together - can you believe this stuff??? IT WAS FABTABULOUS!
Linda and I got to talking and starting swaping "owning our own business" stories and found out that we have a lot in common! She also has a blog that you can go to learn about all the "scrapbooking stuff" :) It is www.scraptacularblog.blogspot.com I have not been there yet, and that really shouldn't surprise anyone seeing that I am trying to do a years worth of scrapbooking in one week - it's not that easy...BELIEVE ME!!!

So, if you are in the area of Avon, Ohio go to Scraptacular at 5228 Detroit Road Elyris, Ohio. I can personally guarantee that you will get the best customer service around - especially if you get cute little Linda. Tell her Megan, the cupcake girl sent you - She will know what I mean...
I like to think those of us here at b.glam baby embody customer service and satisfaction. We couldn't be the company that we are now without it...Let us know what you think!
Happy Scrapping all of you...
oh...and I will tell you about the other local Avon restaurant with great customer service soon...check back - I know you are all anxiously waiting:)