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Monday, December 3, 2007


Aaaaawwwww yeah!!! Hannah Montana, here we come! That's right, we finally got tickets to the concert. My friend Ruthy and I have been trying to buy tickets for the Hannah Montana concert on Jan. 3 since they went on sale September 29. No such luck in the beginning. Those tickets went like wild fire, in which most were bought up by scalpers who have them listed online for ridiculous amounts of money. Eveery few days since the tickets went on sale, we have checked on ebay, stubhub and ticket master trying to find tickets. Quicken Loans Arena claimed they were going to sell 2000 more tickets to sell out the arena, but no date had been released. I was beginning to get desperate and offered to buy 4 tickets from a lady on ebay at $500.
Crazy, I know. She just listed them on Saturday and had no bids yet, so I emailed her and offered her the starting bid price of $500 for all four tickets. I then called Ruthy to ask if she would be willing to still pay $250 for her two tickets. She agreed, but while we were talking she clicked on ticketmaster (which she had bookmarked three long months ago) and her request of purchasing 4 tickets went through!!! We were so freaking excited. I was yelling, screaming and jumping up and down in my kitchen. My husband Matt was in the next room looking at me like I was crazy. But, then he was just as excited as I was that Loral was going to get to see her idol. All I could think was how pumped Loral and Macy were going to be getting to go see Hannah. My Christmas shopping for Loral is now complete. I really didn't want to pay more than double what the tickets were worth, but desperation was looming. The lady from ebay emailed me back today and said she wanted to give it a couple more days before she could give me a decision. I was so relieved to write her back telling her no worries, WE ALREADY GOT TICKETS!!! I think it's going to be a wake-up call for all those people trying to sell their over priced tickets now since 2000 more tickets were put out there. It's kind of sweet justice for those of us who were playing fair and by the rules. I will definately post a blog after the concert letting everyone know how it went. I can't wait until Christmas morning for Loral to open up her gift! So long for now.


At January 3, 2008 at 10:10 PM , Anonymous Nancy said...

Hope you had funtonight!!!


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