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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All I want for Christmas...

Black Friday. To many, this is a day that just passes without another thought, and to the rest of us-IT'S AN EVENT!!! For the past six years now, I go out with my mom, sister and cousin (and other friends) shopping the day after Thanksgiving. The thrill of searching through the hundreds of ads on Thanksgiving night to find the deals of the century scattered across the town is what we live for. However, this year there wasn't much that appealed to me. (I began my Christmas shopping three months ago and I'm almost finished.) The rest of the clan was out at 11:30 Thanksgiving night. I said no way was I giving up an entire nights sleep when I would have to come home to my two kiddos. I met up with them at 3:00 in the morning. Usually we stand outside freezing to death, but they opened a 24 hour Walmart five minutes down the road. Aaaahhhh, you can't beat getting out of the car and strolling right into the store missing out on frost bite. Sadly to say, I had all of my gifts picked out and in my cart by the time the "hot bargains" began to sell at 5:00. So, I just stood by our carts and helped the others grab the items they were there for.
Our next goal was Target. Here I hit the jackpot. I'm having a hard time buying for Loral this year. I wanted to get her Hannah Montana concert tickets, but I am having to wait out the thirsty blood suckers who are trying to resell their tickets for outrageous amounts of money(that's another blog in itself). So, I don't want to buy her gifts until I know whether or not I will be spending money on the concert tickets. But, for the past year and a half, she has come out of her play room while watching Nickelodean and asked for Moon Shoes. I would just laugh because I was picturing the moon boots they had out when I was little. I would just always say, "Maybe, we'll see or maybe that's something you can ask Santa for." As I was walking down the main aisle to get to the toys, their they were. A whole display of Moon Shoes!!! I know this is not a practical gift, but wasn't there always one gift we all wanted as a little one and never seemed to get? Like Ralphie and his Red Rider BB gun. Well this year I decided was Loral's year to get her pointless gift in which she will probably kill herself with. For those of you out there who don't know what Moon shoes are, the box describes them as mini trampolines for your feet!!! Rock on Little Miss Loral, I will catch you if you fall!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Honest People-There still is hope for our world!

I learned this past weekend that there are actually some honest, decent people left on our planet. Amazingly, I actually talked to three of them. While out of town for a little R & R I left my wallet at a store, but did not realize this until the morning I was coming home. The store where I had left my wallet is not open on Sundays, so I had no way of talking to anyone as to whether or not it was there. I stopped in to the local police station that was next to the store hoping the clerk had turned it in. She hadn't. I was bummed! Having to go through replacing items in a wallet is not fun, not to mention losing the money inside. However, I was about to learn there are still some honest people roaming around out there. The owner of the store left a message on my cell phone stating they had my wallet! Yay! I figured that what money I had in there was long gone, but at least I would have everything else. But, the owner made sure to then tell me that all my money was still there and he would be happy to mail it to me! I was shocked. Not only had the clerk who found the wallet given to her boss, she took nothing from my it! Then the owner was a honest human being and looked through my wallet for identification and he took nothing from it! Today, another worker called my cell phone because she was not aware that I had spoken to the owner. She was calling to let me know they not only had it but there was still money in the wallet. I am so grateful that these three wonderful folks took the time to find and contact me. They were so very kind in making sure I knew that I still had my money. How easy for any of these people to slide the money out and tell me they had my wallet, but when they got it there was nothing left. Instead, I have come in contact with three "fabtabulous" individuals who posess honesty and the gene to do the right thing! Thanks to them, my faith has been renewed "a little" for the people surrounding all of us!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween rocked!

Halloween was so much fun! It was a perfect evening for trick or treating! Loral had so much fun dressing up as Hannah Montana. Mason was a handsome little vampire. Tricia's kids were characters from "High School Musical", so we had a whole Disney entourage walkin' the streets. Loral wanted to keep going and going. Mason on the other hand wasn't quite sure about the spooky costumes and even told one man who tried to put candy in his bag, "No, I don't need any more candy, I HAVE enough!" When we got back home, they couldn't wait to dig through their loot.
As for the Halloween party, it was "Great Success" as my brother-in-law kept saying all evening. He was dressed as Borat in the neon green "mankini". It was hilarious!! Every other man at the party said they wouldn't have had the "balls" to wear that costume. Kevin, you definately won best costume. As for my costume I decided to go as school girl Britney. I portrayed the innocent girl she once was. It's kind of sad of how quickly her success took a turn down hill. As for what she has become now, hopefully she will receive the kind of help she needs to change. Just because she is insanely rich and has two children, does not make her a mature adult. I for one am rooting for her!
Well, hopefully next years party will be as entertaining as this years! I would have loved to posted some of our other pictures, but they aren't PG. Someone would either send us hate mail or create a new video "b.glam girls gone wild"!!! I hope that everyone else had a wonderful Halloween evening trick or treating.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

How fast they grow up

OK. I know that everyone always says "Don't blink, your kids will be grown up and out of the house sooner then you think." Well, I am realizing, much to my dismay, that it isn't far from the truth. Don't get me wrong, there are some days when I think to myself how much easier it will be when they are grown up and away at school or married with their own families. Then there will be time for my husband and I to do the things we have always wanted to do ALONE!!! This week I got a huge wake up call. My three kids brought home their school pictures. My oldest daughter looks 3 years older then she did in her picture last year! I almost cried. She looks so grown up that I almost think I am dreaming. My son finally smiled without his famous "pirate face" and his picture is adorable and my youngest daughter looks like a little angel. Where did the time go? We just had Halloween and I was still getting over the mad rush of costume shopping from LAST YEAR!! Next is Thanksgiving, then my son's birthday on November 29th and then, OH MY GOODNESS, IT IS CHRISTMAS!!!!! I think someone needs to invent a time warp so that we can go back in time to when our kids were babies and just think about all of the things we have already forgotten about. Such as, a funny thing they said, or something they did. Someone please get a move on and get it invented because pretty soon, they will be away at school or married with their own families.