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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Once again, I procrastinated in making an appointment to have the kids pictures taken for Christmas and ended up snapping a photo in front of the Christmas tree. It didn't turn out that badly this year. Last year was a nightmare and I ended up taking pictures of Loral and Mason by themselves and putting two separate pictures on the cards. Next year I will be on the ball and will have my photos done hopefully sometime in November...yeah right.
I still haven't finished all of my Christmas shopping and I am becoming a little panicked. I wrapped gifts for the first time last night and now I know exactly what I still have left to buy. Hopefully the stores will still have what I need. My husband and little guy Mason were the easiest to buy for. After being together for 16 years, choosing Matt's Christmas gifts comes very easy for me. Loral is the hardest because as a little girl who loves commercials, she asks for everything she sees. So then, I have to really think about what is practical and what it is she really and truly wants.
I just wonder if the Holiday season will ever slow down for me? I feel like in order to accomplish all that needs to be done, I have to move in twenty different directions all at once. I look forward to growing older with our children and their families. At this point in time, Matt and I can take a slow look around us and value and cherish what is most important to us-our families.
On that note I will bid all a goodbye. I wish you and your families the best of holidays! Remember to slow down and think about what Christmas is really about, not just the packages and gifts under the tree. Talk with you in the New Year.


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