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Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween rocked!

Halloween was so much fun! It was a perfect evening for trick or treating! Loral had so much fun dressing up as Hannah Montana. Mason was a handsome little vampire. Tricia's kids were characters from "High School Musical", so we had a whole Disney entourage walkin' the streets. Loral wanted to keep going and going. Mason on the other hand wasn't quite sure about the spooky costumes and even told one man who tried to put candy in his bag, "No, I don't need any more candy, I HAVE enough!" When we got back home, they couldn't wait to dig through their loot.
As for the Halloween party, it was "Great Success" as my brother-in-law kept saying all evening. He was dressed as Borat in the neon green "mankini". It was hilarious!! Every other man at the party said they wouldn't have had the "balls" to wear that costume. Kevin, you definately won best costume. As for my costume I decided to go as school girl Britney. I portrayed the innocent girl she once was. It's kind of sad of how quickly her success took a turn down hill. As for what she has become now, hopefully she will receive the kind of help she needs to change. Just because she is insanely rich and has two children, does not make her a mature adult. I for one am rooting for her!
Well, hopefully next years party will be as entertaining as this years! I would have loved to posted some of our other pictures, but they aren't PG. Someone would either send us hate mail or create a new video "b.glam girls gone wild"!!! I hope that everyone else had a wonderful Halloween evening trick or treating.


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