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Monday, November 19, 2007

Honest People-There still is hope for our world!

I learned this past weekend that there are actually some honest, decent people left on our planet. Amazingly, I actually talked to three of them. While out of town for a little R & R I left my wallet at a store, but did not realize this until the morning I was coming home. The store where I had left my wallet is not open on Sundays, so I had no way of talking to anyone as to whether or not it was there. I stopped in to the local police station that was next to the store hoping the clerk had turned it in. She hadn't. I was bummed! Having to go through replacing items in a wallet is not fun, not to mention losing the money inside. However, I was about to learn there are still some honest people roaming around out there. The owner of the store left a message on my cell phone stating they had my wallet! Yay! I figured that what money I had in there was long gone, but at least I would have everything else. But, the owner made sure to then tell me that all my money was still there and he would be happy to mail it to me! I was shocked. Not only had the clerk who found the wallet given to her boss, she took nothing from my it! Then the owner was a honest human being and looked through my wallet for identification and he took nothing from it! Today, another worker called my cell phone because she was not aware that I had spoken to the owner. She was calling to let me know they not only had it but there was still money in the wallet. I am so grateful that these three wonderful folks took the time to find and contact me. They were so very kind in making sure I knew that I still had my money. How easy for any of these people to slide the money out and tell me they had my wallet, but when they got it there was nothing left. Instead, I have come in contact with three "fabtabulous" individuals who posess honesty and the gene to do the right thing! Thanks to them, my faith has been renewed "a little" for the people surrounding all of us!


At November 10, 2008 at 10:39 PM , Anonymous Lavonne said...

You write very well.


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