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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Meeting the Baby Einstein "Guru" Julie-Aigner Clark

Well, Tiff & I had our first real ever celeb type sighting, and it was a good one:) We did our first ever COSE meeting at the IX Center in Cleveland and we were lucky enough to see that the key speaker was none other than the FOUNDER of BABY EINSTEIN!!! (or as my 3 year old says - and has said since he was 1, Baby Stein Stein)
It was right up our alley!
As many of you may know both Tiff and I have said that we could not have survived many days with our little ones with out the soothing sounds of Bach and Mozart. http://www.babyeinstein.com/
It is a lifesaver!!!! So, we couldn't wait to hear what Julie was going to say:)
Also, we were lucky enough to get to each each LUNCH with her - yes friends we had LUNCH with her!
Anywayyyyyssss....back on track Meg.
So, we sat in the front row of about 1000 people so that we could hear the speech, and it was AWESOME!!! She was a great speaker and I love the way that she presented the info to us. She didn't use all kinds of charts and graphs, just fun colors, cool text, and simple pics that caught your attention.
Her story was like deja vu for me. (Well except maybe making billions of dollars and selling the rights to Disney) But, the start up part was very much like b.glam. She was a teacher that quit and decided to stay at home, when her daughter was born. - Much like Tiff and I. She started in her basement, used friends and other stay at home Moms to answer phones and promote her business, and did everything she could to make the business succeed. She was engaging and charming without even trying and it felt like you were listening/talking with a friend. I can pretty much tell you why she succeeded - (besides all the hard work and endless hours she put into it) She succeeded because she is likable, friendly, and a good Mom. She knew what her kids would like, and looked at the business as a Mom, not a high powered executive. It worked for her because of the product that she had!
Well, when it came time for lunch I was PUMPED!!!!
I, of course, was the first one to the room and was ridiculously over anxious. Soon, more people trickled in and then Tiff was there. (We were in 2 different seminars earlier) We were mingling and talking with some other business owners and then Julie appeared. I didn't want her to think that I was stalking her, but I really wanted to sit next to her, if only to gain some of her business savvy AURA:) So, I waited to see where she put her purse down and was sitting, and then I literally RAN over there to put my stuff down. She must have thought I was CRAZY, but I was going to make sure that I was there.
It was so fabtabulous! I got to talk with her and Tiff and I were able to listen to all her wise words of wisdom. We gave her a couple of our shirts for her two daughters and we told her we were going to make her one because she is/was a Breast Cancer Survivor. So, as we speak Tiffy is busy sweat shopping it for her:) We are happy to make it because she is well worth it. Seeing that my Mom went through Breast Cancer too, it is not an easy challenge and every woman who deals with it should be applauded beyond belief!
So, that was our brush with fame, and the great thing about it is, she is still a real person. Good for you Julie!
Oh, and by the way, we were hoping to meet her baseball team in the World Series - she is from Colorado now and is a Rockies Fan. And, all you Cleveland Fans know how that went....BUT DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THAT ONE!


At October 24, 2007 at 3:31 PM , Blogger tiff said...

Meg, I have to say I love this blog! That was so exciting meeting Julie-I am still carrying her business card around in my purse(it's now secretly my new inspiration!)


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