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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And the winner is.......

I know you all just dying to know who was the ham of the month for the b.glam cam. After 10's of vote's the winner is finally ready to be announced.

The runner up was Chase 10 weeks old in his custome knot cap that he had won from Kiss FM.

As cute as Chase is he was no match for Kyleigh Marie, 6 months. She was having a blast when mommy snapped this pic of her in "Sweet Pea."

Congradulations Kyleigh!
You'll be receiving your
$50 gift card in the mail soon.

Hold on! I saw that. You just did a double take. Thats right, little Kyleigh won a $50 b.glam baby gift card just because she's so darn cute.

It's not to late for your tot. All you have to do is take a pic of your sweet pea in your fav b.glam garb. Send your “fabtabulous” b.glam baby photo to customerservice@bglambaby.com. Please send the child’s first name, age, your address, email, & phone number. Also include where you purchased the item: either on http://www.bglambaby.com/ or your local boutique. Then all you have to do is tell everyone you know to go to the site and VOTE!!!!!! Send a mass email with the link, advertise in the church bullition. Just get the word out that your kid is the cuttest.

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