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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Am I to Old for Harry Potter?

Hello World,

My name is Nancy, aka intern Nancy as I am known at the b.glam offices. Thats right I don't get paid to come and have fun with the b.glam gals. Jeaslious, right? Well you should be becasue for something I'm doing for free it's pretty much the best internship anyone could ask for.

Any way I'm 21 and I like Harry Potter. Up until recently I didn't think this was that wierd. I didn't start reading Harry Potter until after I graduated high school. I had a job at a cart in the mall and I read to pass the time. By the end of the summer I was hooked to Harry Potter.

This was nothing compaired to my friends. I can easily say I had a diverse group of friends in high school. I was friends with the jocks, honor students, and even the metal kids. Most of my friends in all these groups had read the books. I was a late bloomer when it came to Harry Potter.

Now you have to remember that the first Harry Potter book came out in 1997. My friends and I were all 12, the target market for the book. As we grew up so did Harry and his friends. To me it seems natural for us to want to finish the series. In fact when I run into people, when I'm home from school, some of the questions that are bound to be asked are, "Where are you getting the 7th book? Do you think Harry will die? Whats up with Herminoie's cat?"

So why am I questioning my love for this series? I was at the midnight release of the 7th book on friday night. I met up with one of my best friends, Vickie. We got there at 10pm. There were about 20 people in front of us, all under under the age of 15. We think the group of kids in front of us were in junior high. It was hard to tell. One kid had obviously had a growth spirt over the summer because his shorts were way to short. He tried to hit on Vickie. The other boy we suspect will be beaten up in high school if this isn't happening all ready. He rubbed his butt up against Vickie. The otehr guy was a manager at one of the mall stores and he was talking to the girls they were with about jobs at the store. At about 11pm a guy joined them who was at least 18. He had a full beard and had a ring on every finger. He looked like a gypse. The first person to get the book at the store came running out after she bought in and sat right down in the middle of the hall and started to read it. I'll admit it's a good series, but nothing is that good. What I'm getting at is that all these people around us are a big bunch of weirdos'!

Am I to old for Harry Potter? Or am I just a big weirdo like everyone else at the book release?



At July 23, 2007 at 9:07 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, I have never read any of the Harry Potter books, but I did see a movie or two. I am just not a big fan. I understand why fantasy is so appealing to people, they can escape reality for a while, but fantasy brings out the freakiness in people. I think people use fantasy series to form connections with people they would not have a connection to, and then they go overboard with it. Just look at all the crazy Starwars fans, and I am married to one. There is just something about fantasy that makes people become cultic. A little too wierd for me.
I don't think you're too old for Harry Potter, but belonging to that kind of a "cult" is a little weird.


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